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It's half a brain. Which is what Randal and David have each.


Nonsense (n.) ˈnän(t)-sən(t)s 
Having no meaning or conveying no intelligible ideas. Neither true by definition or fact.

Welcome to the Nonsense Dialogues. "Dialogues" because we would like to think we sound like Socrates and Plato at the Academy. "Nonsense" because we think we sound like the great sceptics - Hume, Wittgenstein, Kant and so on. Actually, neither is true.  We just like to argue about organisational and social psychological theory and practice in an invariably vain attempt to figure out what works and to complain about the myths, half-truths and just plain wrong shite that pass as good science and good practice in the workplace.  And we are just conceited and deluded enough to think that someone else may be interested in listening to us do so. 

Two old sceptics

David Heap is an executive coach and organisational psychologist.  Over a very long career he's done most of the things that organisational psychologists do but for the last 20 years he’s practiced mostly in executive coaching and leadership development. For several years he co-ran Insight & Influence with Randal but despite this, they are still talking. 

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Randal Tame is a strategy and leadership consultant, director and a former lecturer at MGSM.  Randal has never met an opinion he didn’t have an opinion about.

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This is a picture of David during his Ashkenazi period.
This is Randal at a cafe somewhere in Europe trying to look like a French existentialist but since his wife has forbidden him to smoke, failing to do so.
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