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What sort of Nonsense is this?

We didn't really see ourselves putting much time into a blog as we barely have enough time for the podcast. But in retrospect, it's a good way to reach out to you, our listener and give you some insight into our thinking and intent re the Nonsense Dialogues.

Because I'm (David) lazy and not particularly prone to writing as opposed to talking, I'm going to cheat here and cut and paste some of our initial notes from when we were playing around with the idea of a podcast. Saves me the time and effort of writing something fresh.

The following is some of the lightly edited notes we prepared on the purpose and intent of this podcast.

What are the Nonsense Dialogues about?

The Nonsense Dialogues Podcast is two old sceptics debating the application of psychology in the workplace.

For 30 years Randal and David have been talking shite with each other about psychology and work and we thought it might be fun if we looped you into the conversation.

There is a lot wrong in the way psychology is applied in the workplace that hinders the good stuff - scientifically validated, evidence based practices - from creating thriving, healthy and successful workplaces.

So we are going to have an ongoing dialogue that shines light on the myths, half-truths and just plain wrong shite that passes as good science and good practice in the workplace. And by doing so, help improve the practice of psychology in the workplace and the lives of the people in those workplaces.

The Nonsense Dialogues podcast is David and Randal arguing about the application and misapplication of psychology, and occasionally business, theory and practice in the workplace. We want to slaughter some sacred cows, bust some myths and generally have some fun with a variety of topics such as leadership, strategy, psychometrics, influence and persuasion, resilience and mindfulness. Our serious task is, hopefully, to help our listeners

discover whether these theories and practices lead to thriving or if they just make things more difficult, more complex, and makes work much harder and more prejudicial than it needs to be.

Expect that some of the dialogues will contain a fair smattering of shite, Randal and David will get it wrong. But that’s expected (and occasionally planned). As NYU neuropsychologist Jay Van Bavel recently tweeted, “If someone is speaking with complete certainty and a closed mind, there is a good chance they are full of shit(e).


We also have an unpublished initial episode in which we try to explain, in a typical initial episode manner, what the podcast is going to be about. Because it was our first episode, the audio quality is pretty ordinary and Patrick, our audio engineer with professional standards, thought it wasn't up to broadcast quality (creaking chairs, with cheap, unbalanced microphones...). However, Randal and I (obviously) don't have such high standards and we have wondered if we should release it anyway. So what do you think dear listener? If enough of you would like to hear our early Sun Studio style recordings, let us know and we'll see if we can sneak them out whilst Pat's attention is elsewhere.

That's enough for now. Expect irregular updates to the this. If you got this far, you may like to head over to our Forums, where we open the discussion up to any old character to contribute to the podcast overall and each of the podcasts and the topics they contain.

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